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8 Reasons Why Hybrid SPC Vinyl Planks Is Your Best Flooring Choice

With recent research and new developments in flooring for your home or business, there is a new product which has hit the market, known is Hybrid SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring. There are already some excellent products to choose from in the hard flooring category, so we wanted to share with you the benefits of the new SPC Vinyl Planks Floors and why this product is such an exciting development in flooring products.

Here are the top 8 reasons why Hybrid SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring should be your next choice of the floor in your home or place of business. This will definitely be a choice you won’t regret.

  1. SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring is 100% waterproof. This brings many positive advantages to flooring options in your home. A timber look flooring is now available for all your wet areas so that you can have the same flooring finished throughout the entire home without having to stress about the everyday accidents. With kids, pets and daily living, water and liquids often end up on your floor. This is something you won’t have to worry about ever again.

  2. With an embossed surface and a realistic wood look,  SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring looks just like a hardwood floor. Many people seeing the flooring for the first time are amazed how much it looks like a hardwood floor, assuming at first glance that it is hardwood floor. SPC Vinyl Planks can provide a stunning and seamless look throughout your home while being extremely functional.

  3. In this day and age, we lead very busy lifestyles, so you’ll be pleased to know, the SPC Vinyl Plank is extremely durable, in fact, one of the most durable flooring products available in the market today. You won’t have to be constantly concerned or worried about causing damage to the floor, giving you peace of mind for many years to come. While some flooring looks very good, it can require a tremendous amount of effort and upkeep to maintain, which is not always ideal in a busy family home environment.

  4. Hybrid SPC Flooring is so easy to clean and maintain requiring no special equipment or cleaning products. All that is required is regular vacuuming or sweeping and a damp mop to keep the floor clean. You don’t require any additional or extra polishes or wax. No resanding. It is all so very simple and easy, which is ideal for modern-day living.

  5. This flooring is so affordable and provides you with exceptional value for money. Far cheaper than engineered flooring or hardwood flooring, yet provides you with greater durability and waterproofness. Installation is very easy with the click installation system. No glues are required, so it is clean and straightforward. Ideal for the home handyman.

  6. Many people are surprised to learn that SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring is softer to walk on than hardwood or engineered flooring. While it is made from limestone and polymers and is extremely hard, which gives it it’s durability, it is surprisingly comfortable to walk on. With the addition of an underlay, this only improves its comfort. It is also a lot warmer to walk on than many other hard floorings, especially tiles.

  7. SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring can be laid over most existing floors, for example, tiling. SPC is also very forgiving when it comes to slight imperfections in your subfloor because the planks are not completely rigid like many other hard flooring products, therefore your subfloor does not have to be absolutely perfect.

  8. One of the best developments with the new SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring is that it’s a lot more stable than previous vinyl plank products, making it ideal for environments which experience considerable seasonal temperature fluctuations and humidity.

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