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Will My Dog Scratch SPC Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring?

One of the major benefits of SPC Flooring, is its protective wear layer which protects the flooring.

If you have a larger, active dog, you will want to have flooring with thicker wear layer options.

SPC Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring comes with either 0.2 mil, 0.3 mil, 0.5 mil and 0.7 mil wear layer options.

We would recommend a minimum of 0.5 mil, which is a light commercial wear rating. (0.7 mil is heavy commercial). All our SPC Hybrid Vinyl Plank Flooring has a 0.5 mil wear layer, which provides very good scratch resistance.

While Vinyl Plank products do have a wear layer, no vinyl product is totally 100% scratch proof. (even stiletto heels will mark concrete). We always recommend that vinyl plank flooring is kept clean and free of dust and debris. With larger, active pets, keep nails trimmed to lessen the chance of them scratching the floor.

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