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VOC Emissions Tested Products

At Viaduct Imports we believe that all the products we offer to our customers should be thoroughly tested and meet the required standards and regulations related to VOC Emissions. It is important to us that all of our products are safe, providing our customers not only with an aesthetically pleasing living environment but also a safe one. When considering your purchase of either Laminate Flooring or SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring, ensure the product has been tested and the VOC Emissions Report is available for your inspection.

What are VOC’s?

Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals used to manufacture and maintain building materials, interior furnishing, cleaning products and personal care products. Volatile means that these chemicals evaporate, or can easily get into the air at room temperature. Organic means that these chemicals are carbon based. The term chemical emissions, refers to VOC’s as they evaporate into the air from products.

Where are VOC’s found?

The majority of VOC’s found in the indoor environments originate from building materials, indoor furnishing, cleaning supplies, consumer products and processes such as printing, cooking, hobbies, cleaning, interior renovations and pesticide applications.

Volatile Organic Compounds are found in a number of products, including furniture, paint, dry wall, bedding, paint strippers, adhesives and glues, solvents, upholstery and textiles, carpet, cleaning products, photocopier toners, office supplies, electronic equipment and building materials.

A few common VOC’s found in living and working environments include formalehyde, dekane, butoxyethanol, isopentane, limonene, styrene, xylenes, perchloroethylene, methylene, chloride, toluene and vinyl chloride.

All of our products have VOC Emission Reports available for viewing, upon request.

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